Tip: Change the DNS server

It happens unnoticed as soon as we use computers, cell phones & Co: almost every activity on the net is first preceded by a request for the IP address to the DNS servers (the "phone books of the Internet"). By default, the DNS servers of the Internet provider answer this. However, each device can be configured to use one or more other DNS servers.

... Image By Markus Fleschutz 🕓 April 6, 2020

Why change at all?

There are some good reasons to change the DNS server:

  1. it is not running reliably or responds too slowly.
  2. it is censored, "forbidden" domains are not resolved.
  3. it is not trustworthy. The requested domains are stored, user behavior is extracted from them and resold.
  4. it does not support features such as malware blocklist, adult content blocklist, encrypted transmission or protection against DNS attacks.

Selected public DNS servers