Toggl Track - the digital time clock

The recording of working time is a necessary evil for employees, freelancers and self-employed. On top of that, calculating with seconds, minutes and hours is anything but easy. But with the help of the free Toggl Track app for Android and iOS, this task becomes a breeze. And with the ability to generate statistics and reports, it can even be fun..

... Image By Markus Fleschutz 📅 September 7, 2020.


After installing the Toggl Track app (available for Android or iOS, see link below) and registering, everything is set (even login with Google is supported). If you want, you can already create customers as well as projects now.

Note: Toggl Track can be operated via the app, but also at any time via internet browser, desktop app or browser extension.

Time tracking

Toggl Track works as simple as a digital stopwatch: at the beginning you press the play button and describe the activity. At the end you press the stop button and the activity is recorded exactly with start/stop time and description.

In the beginning you still have to remember Toggl Track for every new activity, but after some time this step becomes second nature.


For the evaluation, a PC, laptop or tablet is recommended: log in to the Toggl website and click on Timer, Dashboard or Reports on the left side. Here you can manage your working hours, print them and export them as PDF or CSV files.


Toggl Track offers the option to have the activities of the past week sent to you as a list by e-mail. If you then always move these e-mails into a separate folder, then you have an additional backup of your activities.