Technique & structure of the homepage

Overriding goal was and is a low-maintenance homepage that looks good on all devices (PC, smart TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone) (keyword "Responsive Design") and loads quickly (keyword "AMP"). The structure of the homepage is divided into several levels.

... Image By Markus Fleschutz 🕓 April 28, 2018

1️⃣ The Domain

The domain is registered with Netbeat and this is where the web browser redirects to DropPages.

2️⃣ DropPages

DropPages is a Dropbox extension, it generates HTML5 web pages from Markdown texts, images and CSS3 layout. Moreover, it compresses the web pages to speed up the transfer speed.

3️⃣ Synchronization & Versioning

The Dropbox service automatically synchronizes all homepage data between cloud, server, PC's, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Any of these devices can be used to edit the homepage. Every change is distributed to all other devices in the shortest possible time. Thus, in the event of a failure, many backups are available. In addition, Dropbox also stores the version history of each file, so accidental changes can be easily undone.

4️⃣ Pictures & Photos

All photos were either self-shot or are free, no-cost images from Pixabay or Unsplash under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

5️⃣ Texts & Translation

All texts are written in Markdown format (see Learn Markdown). Texts are translated into other languages using the DeepL translation service.